We are a team of people working for our objectives. We are doing websites, mobile apps, software development and bio products sale. We are also offering coaching to various government exams

Our goal is to develop products like websites, Mobile apps , educational material for government exams, customized softwares as per the need, Bio products according to the demand. We believe that our Research & Development Engine can result in a disruptive change that will have significant impact in the market.

We are constantly building the above products according to the requirement of the customers. We work whole day and all days in a week. We are significantly transforming our infrastructure and becoming more productive. Our goal is to bring innovation and differentiation in all the areas we are dealing. We are passionate to create new things.


WebServices | Mobile Apps | Software Services |Education Services | Bio Products Sale | Bio Soft tools

Our Thrust

Service Areas

SMirag has a special interest in the following service categories, where we have deep in-house expertise:

  • Websites
    We make best websites at best price round the year, round the clock.
  • Mobile Apps
    We make best apps and upload them in play store, round the year, round the clock
  • Handmade stuff
    We make best hand made stuff and upload them in our online store, round the year, round the clock

other services

  • Educational Material
    We write books for various government exams
  • Software development
    We make custom softwares as per the need
  • Bio Products Sale
    We make and sell various products as per demand
  • Handloom Sarees
    Pick and wear as per your choice

Our Partners

Currently doesn't have any partners. we are looking for active young individuals as partners to expand our business